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Experience Fast, Accurate & Effortless Counting!

Irys is the answer to the problem all jewellers face – a fast and reliable jewellery stock count. Based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a cutting edge contactless technology, Irys helps jewellers maintain a bird’s eye view on their jewellery inventory.

RFID technology offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewellery industry. Instantaneous, non-line-of-sight scanning capability means jewellers are no longer required to waste time and energy manually accounting for jewellery items, one piece at a time. With RFID in place, jewellers can instantly scan/detect batches of jewellery items all at once.

The entire product converges on a single aim – ease out item-wise stock takes by offering automatic multi-scan capabilities for jewellery items. Accounting for five thousand items in fifteen minutes is now a reality.



RFID Tag Encoding / Printing 

The system gives an option to encode RFID tags using the Pandora (tray scanner). This option can be exercised if tags are to be re-used and sandwiched inside an existing barcode label.

Another option to encode tags is to use an RFID printer. A single click can encode tags as well as print barcodes/visible information on them.

Stock Audit (Pandora) 

The system allows the user to scan up to 150 items in an instant. Jewellery pieces are generally displayed on trays. For stock audit, a stack of 3 – 4 trays can be placed on the Pandora and the count is instantly displayed on the computer screen.

Stock Audit (RFID Handheld)

A list of expected items needs to be imported into the handheld reader. Once the handheld is ready, it can be used to scan the jewellery items by moving over the trays, one at a time. The audit information can be synced with the server via WiFi or via physical docking.

Item Search

The system allows the user to search any particular item. The item is selected from the master list and the mode of search selected. Whenever the item is detected by the scanner (Pandora, Bluetooth or handheld), the system gives a beep. This enables the user to zero down on the exact item he/she was searching for.

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Sales voucher upload: This feature enables the user to classify certain items/tags found during stock audit as ‘sold’. A list of jewellery items that are sold during the day are uploaded into the system. This ensures that in case a tag of a sold item is erroneously left behind, it will not give a wrong stock count during audit.
  • Collections: The system allows the user to create and manage different collections. For eg. Summer Collection, Lunar New Year Collection, etc. Items can be allocated to any collection by simply scanning them in bulk. The system also allows a ‘jewellery stock audit by collection’ scenario.

System Features

  • Fully Automated Stock Taking
  • 100% Accurate
  • Tracks up to 100 items/sec
  • Portability for On-the-Go Operations
  • Maintenance-free, Long Term Solution
  • Saves valuable time and dependency
  • User Friendly Software
  • Online technical support

Associated Hardware

  • Pandora: It scans a stack of jewellery trays instantaneously saving considerable time and effort involved in jewellery management. A large jewellery store or a warehouse is the most likely candidate to make use of the Pandora. Trays of tagged jewellery items can simply be passed through the scan area and moved on to the strong room. The results are instantly presented and verified on the computer screen.
  • RFID Handheld: This is a Wi-Fi enabled mobile computer with an integrated RFID scanner, which automatically detects tagged jewellery items directly from the display. With this terminal the need for a host can be eliminated. The scanner simply needs to be moved over trays of jewellery. The jewellery count will be instantaneously displayed on the screen of the handheld itself. This device can also be used for item search.
  • Bluetooth Scanner: This is an ultra-portable device for guided precision. This device communicates via bluetooth; hence needs a host (a PC) to communicate with. Once the two devices are paired, the scanner automatically detects tagged jewellery items and transfers the data to the PC. This device can also be used for item search.
  • RFID Printer: This device is useful when single use tags are preferred. It saves valuable time and effort by directly encoding the RFID tag and printing barcodes at the same time. When a large number of tags need to be encoded, using an RFID printer for printing/encoding tags saves considerable time and the jeweller can be assured of rolling out RFID within a very short span of time.
  • Smart Tray: This portable device can help improve customer satisfaction through a novel browsing experience. The attached tablet allows customers to view product details, compare multiple items, get cost estimates and know about ongoing sales offers, simply by placing the jewellery item in the tray. It also helps business owners gather valuable business information such as customer preferences, buying trends, sales efforts etc.
  • RFID Tags
    • Single use tags: These tags are used when fast encoding of tags is a priority. A single click can encode dozens of RFID tags (via the RFID printer) in a minute thereby saving valuable time. Another advantage of single use tags is that the barcode is directly printed on the tag, reducing redundancy in any processes.
    • Re-usable tags: These tags are used when lower quantities of jewellery items are involved. The time taken to encode the tags is more, but as the name suggests, these tags are re-usable. Hence after a particular item has been sold, the tag can be removed from in-between the barcode label and re-encoded for use with any other item

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Client Speak

The move from Excel based tracking to ‘Orion’ has helped us reorganise our asset base and introduce processes to manage them effectively. The support provided by NeoTechID during the transition phase was exceptional.Admin ExecutiveKolte-Patil Developers
We evaluated several vendors for our RFID requirement, but the enthusiasm, professionalism and technical superiority displayed by NeoTechID made it impossible for us to overlook them. Manager - IT Gitanjali Gems
NeoTechID became our RFID ‘partner’ in 2011 and has since helped us manage our stocks with utmost ease. With ‘Irys’, our inventory can now be reconciled in a matter of minutes, even during exhibitions. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided. Head - ITDiatrends Jewellery