Laptop & People Movement Tracking


RFID Antenna detects Person & Laptop

Unauthorised Person with Laptop


Authorised Person with Laptop

RFID Antenna detects Person & Laptop


NeoTechID’s Laptop Tracking System – Nebula, based on passive UHF RFID tracks multiple laptops accurately and efficiently as they move through various entry/exit points – so you achieve better monitoring of your assets.

A gantry RFID scanner is installed at entry/exit locations on the company premise through which all tagged assets need to pass. All laptops tagged with RFID tags can be detected in real time at these entry exit points.  User ID cards are also RFID enabled so that the tracking system can validate whether the employee is carrying the authorised laptop.

  • No need for the person/employee to declare his/her laptop before entering the premises.
  • Avoids the danger of laptop theft and hence “Data theft”.
  • Saves valuable time
  • Availability of real time information


Employee and Laptop Registration

All employees and all laptops are registered in NeoTechID’s Laptop Tracking System. The operator can enter details of each employee or laptop using the respective registration form. The registration forms will typically contain the following information

Employee Registration

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Employee ID
  • Email ID
  • Phone Number
  • Photograph

Laptop Registration

  • Laptop ID
  • Serial Number
  • Make/Model
  • Colour
  • Description
  • Photograph

Laptop Allocation

The users of this application can allocate a laptop to any employee. The laptop can be allocated either on a permanent basis or for a pre-defined period of time. The laptop can also be assigned to a group of people.

The tracking happens as follows

  • As the employee passes through the gantry carrying the asset the employee ID card tag as well as the asset tag, the system records the movement
  • At the same time the system identifies whether the detected asset has been assigned to the detected employee
  • If the two don’t match then an alert will be raised on the security desk. A report containing the time details as well as exception details can be viewed in the Laptop Tracking System at any point of time

The security operator will see alerts on his/her screen for laptops leaving without an employee ID card and laptops leaving with an employee not matching the registered owner. Both alerts will show up in different colors and will show a picture of the actual owner of the laptop. The security guard can immediately verify the laptop and the employee and take corrective measures as per company policy.

System Features

The system is designed to address the following key requirements 

  • Multiple locations / entry-exit points
  • Local processing of information in case of network outage
  • Centralized management for all policy and system configurations

Central Management Application

The solution will include a centrally deployed management server for configuring the system and generating the necessary reports. In case the client chooses ‘Orion‘ for comprehensive asset management, the central management application for the laptop tracking system will be integrated with Orion.

Local Application and Alerts Terminal

A separate application is hosted at every entry/exit point for tracking of laptop and employee movement in and out of the premise. This application will retrieve employee and laptop data from the central database and will post all movement records to the same. In case of any network down time, it will push data to a local database. When the network connectivity is re-established the movement data will be synchronized with the central DB.

Movement Reporting

The following reports shall be generated by the application

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly  movement of employees
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly movement of laptops
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly exception reports

Alerts and Notices

Allocation expiry: This will indicate that the allocation period of a particular asset to a particular employee is about to expire. Each user shall be able to configure the number of days before allocation expiry when he/she should receive the expiry alert.

User Management

The administrative user shall be able to add and delete other users. He/she will also have the ability to assign certain privileges to the other users.


Solution Benefits

  • Reduces average processing time by more than 50% resulting in increased throughput
  • Detailed Event Logging and Reporting: Real-time and historical asset tracking information available
  • Ability to detect whether the right person is carrying the right laptop minimizes cases of lost/stolen laptops
  • Sleek and compact RFID reader/antennae capable of scanning the laptop through any type of bag irrespective of position/orientation
  • Custom Alerts: visual indicators/buzzers; can be extended to SMS and/or Email alerts
  • Easily scalable to include features such as access control and time and attendance monitoring

Client Speak

The move from Excel based tracking to ‘Orion’ has helped us reorganise our asset base and introduce processes to manage them effectively. The support provided by NeoTechID during the transition phase was exceptional.Admin ExecutiveKolte-Patil Developers
We evaluated several vendors for our RFID requirement, but the enthusiasm, professionalism and technical superiority displayed by NeoTechID made it impossible for us to overlook them. Manager - IT Gitanjali Gems
NeoTechID became our RFID ‘partner’ in 2011 and has since helped us manage our stocks with utmost ease. With ‘Irys’, our inventory can now be reconciled in a matter of minutes, even during exhibitions. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided. Head - ITDiatrends Jewellery