Fixed Asset Management & Tracking

‘Organizations that systematically manage the life cycle of their assets reduce the cost per asset by almost 30%’


Web-based, centralized, up-to date repository replaces multiple spreadsheets and databases.


Categorization based on user defined attributes – easy asset management using pre-defined as well as configurable asset types.


Define new custom fields for each category of assets as per your requirements to help manage information in the format that you desire.


Maintain historical data for asset movement based on Location Classification and Employee Allocation


Application based as well as email Alerts & Notifications about expiring warranties, maintenance contracts and payments that maybe due.


Comprehensive Reports correlate the service agreements with actual inventory, contact and location information in addition to costs.


Assets, whether IT or non- IT, play a pivotal role in every successful business activity. Effective asset management is critical to your business.

  • A good asset management and tracking software aids in decreasing capital expenses, increasing productivity and can enhance customer service.
  • Orion helps you with management and tracking of contractual and financial data associated with the assets in your environment throughout their lifecycle – from receiving through disposal.
  • Orion empowers you with a firm understanding of how your assets are being used, to help identify cost savings, fulfill compliance initiatives, and justify business decisions



Verification, Discovery, Tagging – Methodology 

  • Verification is undertaken for a base list provided by the client. The list serves as a starting point; new assets discovered are added to the list.
  • Client deputes a person to accompany the verification team; his primary role is to distinguish between company owned assets and hired/leased assets.
  • Location, quantity, product specs and condition of assets is noted. Any assets not in use or not in proper working condition or found short in quantity are reported.
  • For each location covered, a detailed statement is prepared and submitted to the management for sign-off.
  • For the list of assets approved by the management bar-codes are generated and pasted on the respective assets. Alternatively, RFID tags can also be generated for all/some of the assets.

System Features

  • Vendor management
  • Asset entry and modification
  • Historical reporting of asset allocation /re-allocation / movement
  • AMC, Warranty, Insurance, Allocation Expiry Alerts
  • Maintenance scheduling and asset ownership cost tracking
  • Real-time tracking of Mobile Asset movement
  • Regulatory and statutory reporting

Associated Hardware

Using state-of-the-art RFID or Barcode technology, we offer accurate tracking.

  • Orion mobile enables reliable and quick audits on the go using mobile handheld terminals.
  • Location based asset management and tracking is made feasible, with the ability to capture and re-deploy assets.
  • RFID can also help real time tracking and update of asset movement and user information.

Motorola MC2100 SeriesDownload Datasheet

Motorola MC3100 SeriesDownload Datasheet

Sato Label Printer – CG4 SeriesDownload Datasheet

Orion vs Spreadsheets

Most organizations use Excel sheets and/or spreadsheets for asset management and tracking. Whilst spreadsheets seem Cost Effective and Easy to use, the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits.

  • Constant struggle to manage assets.
  • Poor accountability and traceability of their asset base.
  • Mismanagement of insurance premiums, poor visibility of expiry dates.
  • Time consuming and mundane physical audits.
  • Consequent lower productivity of admin and finance teams.

Orion simplifies asset management through comprehensive reports correlating service agreements with actual inventory, contact and location information in addition to costs. Built-in notification policies help avoid costly penalties by automatically notifying the responsible personnel about expiring warranties, maintenance contracts and payments that maybe due. Integration with Barcode/RFID based inventory solution enables reliable and quick audits.




Client Speak

The move from Excel based tracking to ‘Orion’ has helped us reorganise our asset base and introduce processes to manage them effectively. The support provided by NeoTechID during the transition phase was exceptional.Admin ExecutiveKolte-Patil Developers
We evaluated several vendors for our RFID requirement, but the enthusiasm, professionalism and technical superiority displayed by NeoTechID made it impossible for us to overlook them. Manager - IT Gitanjali Gems
NeoTechID became our RFID ‘partner’ in 2011 and has since helped us manage our stocks with utmost ease. With ‘Irys’, our inventory can now be reconciled in a matter of minutes, even during exhibitions. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided. Head - ITDiatrends Jewellery